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Wrought Iron Sealed Sliding Gate Entry Gate PR 0019016

A special wrought iron sliding gate and entrance gate, this PR0019016. A classic looking wrought iron entrance gate that does not have two rotating gate parts, but one sliding gate. In addition, the owner wanted the gate to be sealed, yet transparent. The latter is very practical against litter. As a whole, of course, the gate had to continue to look beautiful. The decorative wrought iron elements contribute significantly to the aesthetic value that this customer was looking for. It has become a unique design, which we made especially for this customer with love and attention.

About this wrought iron gateway

This wrought iron sealed sliding gate entrance gate PR 0019016 consists of a central sliding door and two wicket doors. Because the gate slides, less space is needed.

You can immediately see that this gate has gracefully formed ironwork. The bars on which the forgings of the central sliding door are fixed have a tulip-shaped decoration at the top. This decoration is reflected in the decorations at the top and bottom of the wicket doors. Nice detail: they even appear in the bulbous lamps on top of the stone walls. The cross bar, which provides extra strength to the central sliding door, is made in a semicircle, perfectly matching the graceful curved design. Finally, the seal is made of tinted Plexiglas.

User-friendly and practical

Of course, this wrought iron sliding gate is equipped with remote control and connected to the security systems. Because of the wicket door you do not always have to use the large wrought iron sliding gate. This is very practical for many daily movements, on foot or by bicycle.

Price indication

Interested in the wrought iron sliding gate? Take Contact us and request a no-obligation quote. You then have a heavy gate of 4 meters wide and 1.80 meters high. But many more versions are possible. Think of a seal with (smoked) glass, or with completely sealed plates of steel, the beautifully rusting Corten steel or with processed wood. Of course you can also just leave it open.

Is this design something for you too?

Come on then to talk . After all, countless variations are possible on this theme.

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