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About us

Olga Surova

My name is Olga Surova. Originally I am from Ukraine, but I have been living and working in the Netherlands for many years. After my Higher Technical Education I worked for a long time at Philips in Roosendaal. As a designer of clothing, metal objects and furniture, I was able to turn this hobby into my work in 2014. At the time it was a very exciting step, but now I can conclude that it has been the best step in my life. The appreciation of customers, being busy all day with your great passion, great!

Family feeling

I work closely with my brother and other relatives and craftsmen in Ukraine and Russia. They convert my designs into finished products. These are distinguished by their high degree of perfection, coupled with quality and accurate measurements. Unfortunately, you no longer find this kind of craftsmanship in the Netherlands and you can’t ‘just’ call a specialist there. I have worked for years on a network of specialists that is also reliable in delivery. They guarantee the quality and customization for which we are now known.

photo olga

We want to deliver the best of all worlds

We therefore do the selection of professionals and companies all the way from the Netherlands. We follow European standards and rules and always deliver according to the conditions of the Koninklijke Metaalunie, to which we are affiliated. Although we always manage to make our customers happy in a good partnership, in this way we also create an independent framework on which we and our clients can fall back. This is even a requirement from our growing group of municipal clients.


Worldwide, but focus on the Netherlands and Europe

In 2014, we participated in the ‘Big 5’ fair in Dubai. In 2017, in the same country, on the stock exchange ‘Index’. We have been able to participate in projects in Dubai and Qatar. We have been able to provide beautiful houses with our ironwork.

In 2018 and 2020 we were at the Eigen Huis fair in Utrecht. Because our heart is still with Dutch and European clients. Why? Because the best construction workers come from the Netherlands. Their accuracy and craftsmanship help ours to come out even better. We are very proud that we have proven ourselves so well in the Netherlands with unique solutions, high quality and satisfied customers. Because that’s what we do it for!

To ask?

Do you want more information? We would be happy to make an appointment with you for a no-obligation discussion. Calling or emailing is also possible.

Telephone: +31 6 295 74077 | +31 631 76 76 52

E-mail: info@ox-ironart.com

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