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Wrought Iron fences

Isn’t it nice to have a traditional wrought iron fence? It’s quite different from the thirteen-in-a-dozen fences from many neighbors’ hardware stores. “Is that more expensive?”, you ask. Fortunately, it is, because in doing so you are investing in distinction and quality. For a lifetime. Do the math to get that back. Design your wrought iron fence with us. Or choose from many existing and well thought-out designs.


We make our wrought iron fences in a variety of historical styles, so there is something for everyone. We have designs from Modern to Baroque. For example, you can choose Art Nouveau, Jugendstil, Art Deco and the Old Amsterdam School. But really, you can’t think of anything else or Ox Iron will make a great fence out of it.

Made-to-measure or inspiration from Ox Iron?

Would you like a wrought iron fence made entirely according to your unique, individual design? Or would you rather choose from the many designs we have already created? Maybe you want the best of both? Ox Iron is the specialist for beautifully tailored wrought iron entrance gates and fences. With us you can always be sure of a perfectly tailor-made end result.

Only top quality

We make our wrought iron fences from high quality iron. Each fence is hot-dip galvanized so that rust does not develop quickly. We do that from the outside and inside. Then we apply a double layer of primer. This ensures that the layer of lacquer adheres well. We finish all fences with a double coating in any desired RAL color. This means you don’t have to worry about it for years. This process is a fixed part of all our quotations.


Ox Iron Art distinguishes itself with the delivery, because we want to be your partner for a long time. All wrought iron fences we carefully measure in advance. This way we avoid surprises. This way you can be sure that the assembly on site will also run smoothly. You can judge us on that!

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