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Wrought iron entrance gate ‘IronWood’

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Imagine living in or near a forest. You often live quite remote. Then you want to be safe in the first place. But you also want a natural look that matches the environment. Because with those questions, this client came to us. Together we have achieved a result that fully meets this requirement. This is where the wrought iron gateway Ironwood originated.

Iron and wood in perfect balance

This is an imposing wrought iron entrance gate. It is really very heavy and safe. And big! The gate doors are 6 meters high. The whole has a total width of up to 15 meters. The wrought iron entrance gate IronWood radiates peace and security. The knowledge that there is a barrier that weighs tons here helps to feel safe. The wood is functional, but also shows off the natural effect. In addition to the two wicket doors, the design is continued in an equally sturdy fence on a natural stone wall.

Robust, with an eye for details

See those awesome rivets? The beautiful heavy metal pillars, on which the powerful, generous hinges turn smoothly? Those hinges are handmade by the way. The owner has opted for a powerful monogram on the wrought iron sliding gate. This is embedded in an attractive fan of curls and petals. The hardwood is fully impregnated in the wrought iron entrance gate.

Functional and ease of use

The wicket doors make it unnecessary to open the large wrought iron entrance gate every time. The wrought iron sliding gate can be operated remotely, of course. Because these doors are very heavy, there are several safety sensors present. This prevents accidents or damage to vehicles.

The price tag

These are, of course, gates of the superior category. But he does show what Ox Iron Art can successfully achieve. There are many things to consider when implementing such a wrought iron entrance gate. A heavy foundation, extensive safety systems, user-friendly operation and a more than careful delivery. Contact us and request a quote. You may have a wrought iron sliding gate that will still look just as proud for centuries.

Is this design something for you too?

Come to talk about this wrought iron gateway IronWood. After all, countless variations are possible on this theme.

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