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Wrought Iron Entrance Gate ‘Music Is Our First Love’

You will find this wrought iron entrance gate at a farm in Hazerswoude-Dorp. The residents use this to translate their love for music into the entrance to their site. You can imagine that not only the owners, but also visitors will be happy.

Own sketches as a basis

The customer had made simple sketches himself. Ox Iron Art has helped make it a harmonious unit. Take a look at the way staff, treble clef and musical notes are playfully incorporated. The wrought iron sliding gate is not high, but heavy. Yet the gate doesn’t really come across as heavy due to the elegant and airy design.

Execution and technique of the wrought iron entrance gate

Of course, the wrought iron entrance gate is fully hot-dip galvanized, but there is also a patina. This makes all the details stand out even more beautifully. And speaking of details; take a look at the special wrought iron support posts. The spikes, also wrought iron, add even more elegance in a subtle way.

Sizes, weight and price

This wrought iron sliding gate is 2800 mm wide and 1200 mm high. He weighs 700 kg. But higher and wider is also possible. Interested in the wrought iron sliding gate? Contact us and request a no-obligation quote.

To combine?

How cool is it that you can easily combine this gate at Ox Iron Art with fencing? In basic design or also completely custom. But also our matching garden furniture , lanterns, water columns and others accessories make your entrance and garden a feast for the eyes.

Is this wrought iron sliding gate also something for you?

Come and talk over a wrought iron entrance gate. After all, countless variations are possible on this theme.


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