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Wrought iron entrance gate “ART DECO”

Our client was looking for a sturdy yet elegant entrance gate. We have converted those wishes into a design in Art Deco style. Our source of inspiration was the French artist Edgar Brandt. Brandt regularly works with airy and graceful casting, framed by sturdy frames. This is how this robust wrought iron entrance gate ART DECO was created. The gate stands in front of the spacious garden of a spacious villa and forms a beautiful addition to it.

More about this wrought iron entrance gate

Heavy and sturdy steel plates have been used for this attractive, electric entrance gate. These frame the wavy lines and floral motifs of the Art Deco ironwork. The flower and leaf motifs are reflected on the steel plates. The elaboration of every detail is of high quality because every element is handmade.

Also pay attention to the lamps. The special lamps on either side of the wicket door contain cast brass details and glass decoration. We designed and handcrafted the lamps especially for the wrought iron entrance gate ART DECO.

Ease of use and safety

This wrought iron entrance gate weighs several tons. That is why we have installed sensors that prevent, for example, closing too quickly. This prevents accidents or, for example, damage to vehicles. You don’t want to open the large wrought iron sliding gate every time. To this end, practical wicket doors have also been installed on both sides, in addition to beautifully masonry pillars. These, of course, have the same opulent Art Deco design. Naturally, the gate can be linked and connected to a security system and alarm center.

Is this design something for you too?

Come here to talk over the wrought iron entrance gate. After all, countless variations are possible on this theme.


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