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Our projects

You can find our projects in many different places. At luxury villas, country houses, castles, but also at farmhouses and classic canal houses. Or the French balconies that we naturally also place at apartments. We are really very proud of our relations with whom we have developed a great partnership.

Wrought Iron Entrance Gates and Fences

We have been appreciated for years for our high-quality entrance gates. Especially because of the many styles we can offer. What we love about our work are the widest range of wishes and ideas that our relations bring forward. t is always a great challenge to be able to convert a sketch into a workable technical drawing and a challenging project.

Balustrades and stair gates

We are allowed to carry out our projects in the most beautiful houses and castles. Every time it is very exciting whether the end result is as beautiful as we have devised in advance with the customer. But every time the tension turns out to be for naught. The result often exceeds all expectations. Then when you enter and that amazing staircase and balustrade beams at you. Wonderful, we think so!

Lanterns and garden furniture

With lighting you can achieve beautiful effects. Just think when you walk through a somewhat more luxurious residential area in the evening. Beautifully lit country houses and romantically lit gardens and plots. These are investments in direct enjoyment of living. More expensive than standard lighting, but so much nicer and more durable.

Images tell the story

We could write many stories about it, but images say more than all those words. Take a look at a small selection of our projects here!

Golden Staircase Qatar

Golden Staircase Qatar

OX Iron Art was present at the trade fair in Dubai in 2017. From this fair we carried out a project for the royal family in Qatar.  People were satisfied with our products and our expertise, which gave us the assignment. With this we have been able to put a footprint...

Special staircase in Brussels

Special staircase in Brussels

A really great staircase. And a difficult one. Due to the special construction, this staircase 'floats' above the marble steps. The combination of classic wrought iron with the brass floral motifs gives a majestic effect. The calyxes are super detailed and seem to be...

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