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Wrought iron terrace fence ‘Art Nouveau’

Many clients want something ‘own’. An ornate wrought iron patio fence that no one else has. We find that a super fun challenge every time. For example, this client wanted a beautiful fence around a round veranda with stairs. Of course, the architectural style of the main residence had to be taken into account. That is why the choice fell on this ‘Art Nouveau’ style. We have worked out this design entirely together with the customer. The beautiful leaf motifs have become exactly what the customer had in mind.

See how the balustrade smoothly transitions into the two banisters. If you look closely at the design, the metal curls appear as light as a feather and almost float. But make no mistake. They are very heavy. This is what a well-thought-out design produces. The support points of the wrought iron terrace fence on the ground have also been designed separately to allow the design to emerge optimally. In this case, these are sturdy, but kept simple so as not to distract attention from the ornamental fence itself. The combination with the very characteristic house makes it a sublime whole.


This ‘Art Nouveau’ decorative fence is made entirely of forged, solid steel. It is fully galvanized and therefore completely maintenance-free for at least 10 years. The fence has a height of one meter.

Is a wrought iron patio fence in this style also your taste?

Then take it without obligationcontact with us. Submit your ideas to us and discuss the options. This is completely free and does not oblige you to anything. But after our introduction you know where you stand.

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