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Wrought iron gate ‘Cloverleaf’


1.10 meters

Who doesn’t want something ‘own’? A wrought iron gate that no one else has. We understand that like no other. That is exactly what makes our profession so challenging.

Here you see that a wrought iron gate does not have to stand alone. It can perfectly be part of a partly stone or marble wall. By adding this wrought iron gate, you complete it. This sturdy fence is mainly kept tight and square in its basic shape. This fits perfectly with the marble and the architectural style of the house. The color scheme is also adapted to this. The color and the decorations give the decorative fence a soft look. Finally, also view the mounting on the marble surface. For example, you don’t see any bolts, which makes a heavy fence seem light.

By letting Ox Iron Art think along from the start, the owner has actually been able to realize all his ideas. That’s what we do it for and we’re proud of that!


This ‘cloverleaf’ decorative fence is made entirely of forged, solid steel. It is fully galvanized and therefore completely maintenance-free for at least 10 years. It has a height of 1.10 meters.

Is a wrought iron gate in this style also your taste?

Then take it without obligation contact with us. Submit your ideas to us and discuss the options. This is completely free and does not oblige you to anything. But after our introduction you know where you stand.


1.10 meters

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