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Wrought iron entrance gate ‘Empire’

'Empire', that gives you a picture of the Roman Empire, right? We do. The Romans were masters of architecture. Like no other nation, they built magnificent palaces for their emperors and imposing mansions for members of the Senate. Not only artistic and pleasing to the eye, but also solid and safe. And let that exactly be the requirements of the owners of the estate where Ox Iron Art has been able to realize this graceful wrought iron entrance gate.

A true work of art

Look at the massive ironwork, the cast elements of bronze. Marvel at the large trim pieces with carefully finished details that are then patinated to accentuate those details. The details in the doors contain the initials of the residents. How about personalized? Next to the wicket doors are masonry pillars. From here, a fence in the same luxurious style takes over the demarcation of the plot.

Also take a good look at the lamps. They fit in nicely with the entrance gate because we have made them completely by hand. This gives you a beautiful and balanced appearance of the gate.

Functional and safe wrought iron sliding gate and entrance gate

This wrought iron entrance gate does not have to be opened for every change. There are two wicket doors for this. If the large doors have to be opened, this is done fully automatically and remotely. The doors are invisibly equipped with safety sensors, so that no one can get trapped by the enormous weight.

Price indication of the wrought iron entrance gate

This gate is 10 meters wide and 6 meters high. This gives a country house the opulent appearance that goes with it. We never compromise on quality. The gate and fence stand firm for the rest of your life and that of your descendants. Interested in the beautiful wrought iron entry gate Empire? Contact us and request a no-obligation quote.

Is this design something for you too?

Then come and talk . After all, countless variations are possible on this theme.




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