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Wrought iron gate TH 0720004

A copy of the wrought iron gate TH0720009 . Or not? Look again and you’ll see the difference. Halfway through the vertical bars you can see luxurious decorations. These break the clean lines. The cast iron decorative curls and the beautiful points are identical. You can give this wrought iron entrance gate an extra look by having the decorations executed in bronze or gold leaf. Or give this wrought iron gate an even more classic look by patinating it. Of course Ox Iron advises you on this! As a result, you can be sure that your entire living environment radiates a soothing unity.

Good to know:
This wrought iron gate is hot-dip galvanized, so it is protected against rust and oxidation;
Coating or lacquering in any desired RAL color is included in the price;
For example, it fits seamlessly with our wrought iron entrance gate PR001019007
Do you want pillars next to or in the wrought iron entrance gate? Then we supply lamps in the same style;
The fence as shown here is 2 meters long and 1 meter high;
We tailor-make any length or height for you;
Will your fence be longer than 10 meters? Then take advantage of an interesting discount.

Is this design something for you too?
Then come and talk with us. After all, countless variations are possible on this theme.

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