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A wrought iron gate is not only functional, but also has artistic value.

With the right choice, the gate fits within the architecture of your plot and forms a whole with your house.

The range of (ornamental) gates is so wide that it is often difficult for people to make a good choice and to choose the right wrought iron gate that is suitable for its purpose in terms of style and construction.

To help you with this, we provide you with information about the points that are important for the correct choice of the gate and the method of installation.

Forged gates harmoniously combine craftsmanship, functionality and aesthetics. They can be assembled from different materials. Whatever combination of materials is used, such as wood, stainless steel, glass, brass and so on, the wrought iron gate has a long lifespan and protects and beautifies your premises.

Due to the wide variety of possible patterns, not only what is standard available on the market, but also designs according to your own design, with which you can create a unique gate, the popularity of these custom wrought iron gates is great.

Everyone can choose a drawing or design that they like and order a gate tailored to their design and wishes from us.

Photos of beautiful wrought iron gates on our website show you the different possibilities and can give you inspiration.
Pay attention! Before ordering a wrought iron gate, remember that it requires appropriate supporting elements, such as masonry posts and footings, that can support such a heavy gate.

Pay attention! Before ordering a wrought iron gate, remember that it requires appropriate supporting elements, such as masonry posts and footings, that can support such a heavy gate.
The weight of such heavy gates is perhaps the biggest concern. As a result, it is not advisable to install the gate yourself or to have it installed on existing posts or columns without a thorough preliminary investigation.

Mistakes in the engineering design of a wrought iron gate can have serious consequences. Therefore, in the technical development of the gate, particular attention should be paid to the following points:

  • the construction of the gate framework;
  • gate attachment points;
  • the amount of decorative details and their influence on the construction and weight of the gate;
  • locks and other locking devices.

The technical design must show not only the mandatory image of all elements, but also the dimensions of the elements.

The choice of the geometric shape of the frame depends on the budget and the personal preferences of the client. For example, a rectangular frame is not very complicated to make and so does not lean heavily on the budget. Ornate elements, while making the gate unique, take more time, which is reflected in the final cost of the gate.


Advantages of gates with forged elements

Today, there are many types of forged gates, fences, balconies and stair railings that differ in structure. They all have certain advantages and disadvantages. Consider the advantages of the aforementioned designs.

One of the advantages is that the wrought iron elements we use in our gates are universal and we can incorporate them into the design of your wrought iron balcony or other fencing. They can be applied in a combination of different materials.

Photos of gates made with forged elements and fitted with plastic screens show you the advantages of closed gates: there is little or no view and your privacy is protected. Another advantage of such products is that they are low maintenance.

Wrought Iron Gates_Ox_Iron_Art_Picture12-466x300

For the basic models, we use drawings with simple elements, such as wrought iron shavings or spikes or balls and so on. In addition, there is a possibility that complex elements will decorate the gate, such as forged flowers, birds and a wide variety of other options – all this can be applied to such a fence. However, this certainly has an impact on the cost of custom forged gates and thus on the available budget.

Wrought Iron Gates_Ox_Iron_Art_Picture13

What are the advantages of forged structures?

One of the main advantages of forged gates or fences is their longevity.

In this regard, they are much better than conventional fences.

This is achieved by the fact that they are made of high quality metal and do not use cheap pressed metal powder or metal that is actually not suitable for such sturdy constructions.

This high-quality metal has a long life. To protect the gate or fence from destructive corrosive effects, they are hot-dip galvanized and coated with suitable primer and metal paint to extend their life.

Today you can find combined structures consisting of forged metal rods and screen materials. Forged gates with polycarbonate are very popular. This material is easy to install, has high technical properties and also has a wide color spectrum.

You can further increase the security of a gate by purchasing additional security equipment, including video cameras and motion sensors.


Wrought Iron Gates_Ox_Iron_Art_Picture14-500x300
Wrought Iron Gates_Ox_Iron_Art_Picture4-500x300

Types of forged metal gates:

There are several points where you can recognize a good gate. The first factor in classifying these products into types is their purpose. A gate ensures that there is a separation between the public road and your private property. The gate can be a fixed, curved ornamental gate. Or can be executed with a swing gate between two gates in or next to the gate to allow easy passage, or can be executed in the form of a sliding gate. There are a few options:

swing gate

The most common are swing gates, the manufacture of which requires the least effort. The same goes for their installation. Swing gates have a simple construction and require little maintenance.

Tip! Swing gates do not have a complicated mechanism and therefore do not require special and cumbersome installation. This makes them more affordable compared to other varieties.


Single sliding gate

A sliding gate differs from a swing gate in that in their design they contain special guiding elements equipped with a roller mechanism. Due to the need to purchase these fasteners, their cost is higher than hinged counterparts. When opening a single sliding gate, one wrought iron gate part slides to the side (along the fence). One of the main advantages of such products is that they save a lot of space. Therefore, they are usually purchased for installation in small rooms or smaller areas.


Double sliding gate

Double sliding gates have the same working principle as the single sliding gates. The difference in this case is that the double sliding gate consists of two gate parts that move in opposite directions when opened.

Preventive maintenance consists of regularly lubricating the hinges and checking individual structural elements for corrosion. Opening the gates is very simple: two parts simply slide in opposite directions, thus clearing the way.

The disadvantage of sliding gates is the complexity of assembly and installation. And partly because of the higher costs that this entails. However, the costs will pay off over time, as the useful life of these ports is longer than their counterparts.

What degree of transparency can a forged gate have:

Wrought Iron Gates_Ox_Iron_Art_Picture15-500x300
Dense constructions

Closed gates can be found everywhere. They contain no decorative elements and are fitted with stainless steel plates, wooden plates or corten steel plates on the back. Or with plastic sheets, made from recycled material, an affordable and modern solution with a long lifespan. You can choose your own colors and surface types. These gates greatly restrict the view of passers-by.

Wrought Iron Gates_Ox_Iron_Art_Picture5-500x300
Classic wrought iron ornamental gates

Nevertheless, the most common option in the Netherlands is a gate with iron bars and forged (decorative) elements with a maximum degree of transparency. With a custom fence, you can always decide for yourself which elements and extra shielding can be added. The quantity and complexity of the forged elements affects its cost and available budget.

Wrought Iron Gates_Ox_Iron_Art_Picture6-500x300
Solid gates

The name says it all: such gates consist of one continuous metal plate, with wrought iron decorative elements. This design is very similar to an ordinary dense and sturdy fence, but it looks more impressive. These are the heaviest gates and they require special posts and concrete feet.

In which style can I choose a wrought iron gate at OX Iron Art?

In the past, wrought iron gates were expensive because each element had to be forged by hand and without the help of machines. As a result, custom wrought iron gates were not available for every trade fair. Nowadays you can order a gate that is made to a design of your choice or made by yourself, as the metal can be bent mechanically without heating it. With a good combination of ornamental and basic work, you can have a decorative gate or fencing put together entirely according to your wishes, which is affordable and fits within your budget.

There are sufficient standard models on our website that can serve as the basis for your gate.

When choosing the style in which you want your gate or fencing made, the style of your house and the adjacent area, such as the garden, is leading. After all, the gate will have to form a harmonious whole with the rest.

The forging techniques are just as artisanal and good as they were a hundred years ago.

Technical drawings are made on the basis of the sketches you provide, with the dimensions of each element and artistically tailored to your design and wishes.

Your wrought iron gate is normally made in the same style as your gate. They can also be custom made, with the addition of (performance-wise) complex ornaments, coats of arms, animals, etc. Today, these fences are made in the following styles:

  • classic;
  • Gothic;
  • Baroque;
  • Rococo;
  • Modern: Art Deco, Jugendstil;

On our website you can see which different stylistic solutions we have created.

It doesn’t matter what style the design is done in, it should generally fit in with the architecture of your home. The right combination of the gate with your plot, landscape elements and fencing is proof of your good taste.

A variety of colors when choosing a forged gate

The forged gate can be supplied in different colors. Often they come in black or channel green. The choice of the color of the wrought iron gate is yours.

In a general sense, the color of the forged gate will communicate with the colors of the elements of your house, such as the window frames, or with the planting of your property, such as hydrangeas. But any color and color combination is possible.

Remark! The classic combination is black with gold-plated elements.

Gold and silver components give elegance to the design. Such gates are universal, as they fit almost any home. In addition to black, other dark shades are often used (dark blue, burgundy, etc.). If the style of your plot is close to modernism, consider painting the wrought iron gate white.

The black gate can be supplemented with multi-coloured glass. Photos of forged gates with a plastic shield show you the feasibility of certain color effects.

There are general rules that professional designers follow when choosing a color for a forged construction. For example, the color of the fencing must match the color shades used for the roof. The material used for the support pillars also affects the color. Brown and beige shades are best combined with stone pillars. The patterns on the gates often have their own color, which must also be in harmony with the color of the rest.

Wrought iron gates and fences painted in light colors are usually used when there is a need to make them appear taller or wider.

And it is also worth paying attention to the facade of a residential building: if it is light in color, then the fence and gate should contrast with it. Dark green can create the effect of merging the fence with the surrounding space.

The main factor influencing color choice is your taste

Wrought Iron Gates_Ox_Iron_Art_Picture16-500x300
Wrought Iron Gates_Ox_Iron_Art_Picture7-500x300

Tips for choosing a wrought iron gate for your home

It is very important that the design harmonizes with the style of your home, your grounds and the buildings on it. However, the most important selection criterion is the functionality of the gate. The most important thing is what you expect from the gate, such as for example only safety or also enrichment of your site.

Your choice of whether it will be a swing gate or forged sliding gate depends on how much space there is at the entrance for the gate. Prices for these designs can vary widely. We advise against taking the cheapest options, because the better gates last a long time and this is a serious investment in your home. So don’t play with the quality of your product. The most beautiful gates are those that are custom made according to individual designs.

The material of the gate must correspond to the climatic characteristics of a particular region. If the weather conditions in your climate zone lead to large temperature fluctuations, such as sun, sea wind, sand or rain, it is recommended to buy fences made of hot-dip galvanized steel. Such material is characterized by very high resistance to moisture and other adverse factors that can shorten the life of the metal.

Pay attention! To save money, you can order an aluminum gate. However, aluminum is a soft material. A gate made of aluminum does not have a long life. Aluminum gates and railings are only suitable for decoration, but not for a serious investment.

When choosing sliding gates, special attention should be paid to the sliding roller mechanism. It must be made of durable metal and resistant to corrosive effects. Otherwise, such a mechanism will not last long, and the sliding wrought iron gates will quickly break.

The cost and features of the choice of wrought iron gates for the house

The price depends on the material of manufacture, the complexity of the design and the amount of metal consumed. A square meter of simple construction can be calculated on the basis of our basic model. A custom gate can only be calculated when the technical documentation has been prepared.

Wrought Iron Gates: Inspiration and Tips
Wrought Iron Gates_Ox_Iron_Art_Picture8-500x300

The height of a basic model wrought iron gate varies from 1 to 3 m. You can also custom order the standard model with different dimensions. However, a unique custom gate costs more than the base model made in the factories.

Low fencing, from 40 cm, is most suitable for decorative purposes. In turn, large ports are purchased to ensure a high degree of security. Photos and prices of wrought iron gates can be easily found on the Internet. Each of the types of this design has its own characteristics, so when choosing the required variety, you need to take into account all the pros and cons.

Gates combined with plastic or wooden plates offer protection from prying eyes and guarantee your privacy. However, when choosing it, you need to take into account the combination of materials. Decking is best suited for sealing open gates. Photos of forged doors with such a continuous seal clearly show the advantages of this combination.

An important factor when choosing a gate is functionality. You have to take into account the dimensions of the rotating parts of the gate, the opening options, the types of locking mechanism and the presence of a running wheel. Forged sliding gates with a beautiful pattern require careful calculations and clear and accurate technical documentation. The same applies to other variants equipped with a roller-sliding mechanism. Simple designs like swing gates are easy to choose.

Before you start developing a gate sketch, you need to decide on the type of gate supports. All individual factors are taken into account: the type of fencing, the reliability of the support posts, the style of your plot and the buildings located in and on it.

The installation of a wrought iron gate is a laborious undertaking that must be approached with all seriousness. It is recommended to entrust the installation of forged gates to qualified craftsmen with professional knowledge and skills. Otherwise, there is a good chance that mistakes will be made, which can cause the gate to be skewed and therefore not open and close properly.

You should also make a good study of the ground in which the gate supports will be placed before starting the direct installation of forged gate. Skillfully placed gate supports allow you to evenly fix the gate, which is very important, as this will affect their future function. In the event of an error, it is likely that the lock will often get stuck.

Because forged gates are heavy, the supports underneath must be strong and reliable. The best option in this case is to use strong reinforced concrete pillars. Any support must have a solid foundation. In some cases piling will be necessary.

When choosing the length of the piles, one should be guided by the weight of the total gate for which the support is mounted.

After the foundation for the support has set, you can start the masonry. In this case, the cement slurry should be made thicker. For laying bricks, a special device is used – a trowel.

It is important to remember that a metal band should be stretched at the points of attachment of the gate to the masonry. This is a must have and should not be ignored. After that, you can proceed with the direct installation of the port. The fastening elements are mounted first. Furthermore, sashes are installed on it. For a better understanding of this process, it is recommended to search the Internet and watch the training video.

Forged elements for gates can be welded to the structure in advance or this process can be carried out after installation on the supports. It all depends on the number of components and their dimensions. Installation work in this case is complex. The possibility of making a mistake by an inexperienced specialist is very high, so you should soberly assess your own possibilities.

Pay attention! To prevent errors during installation and assembly and to prevent the gate from becoming skewed, we recommend that you do not install the gate yourself, but that you hire professionals. We do not provide any guarantee for self-assembly or assembly with unprofessional contractors.

The installation price depends on many factors, such as the type of gate, the dimensions of the wrought iron gate, the soil conditions, etc.

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