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How do you make the best choice when purchasing metal garden furniture?

Metal outdoor furniture can be an excellent and durable way to beautify your garden or balcony and make it suitable for summer parties, barbecue parties with neighbors and family, for al fresco meals and the opportunity to chill out with your family and friends.

Metal garden furniture comes in different types and designs.

The strength, weather resistance and desired lifespan affect the pricing of your garden furniture. The choice depends on the need and the way you want to use your garden furniture. Read on to learn more about choosing the right metal outdoor furniture for your space.

Choose furniture made of durable metal

Metal patio furniture is usually made of aluminum, steel or iron. Each metal has advantages and disadvantages. The key is to find a terrace that offers the ideal balance between cost effectiveness and sustainability for your climate and your budget. The table below provides a quick and convenient breakdown of the grades of each metal on a scale of 1 to 4. The higher the rating, the more expensive, stronger, more water-resistant and heavier the metal is.

Types of metal furniture



Aluminum is naturally anti-corrosive, meaning it does not require a protective coating to withstand the elements.

If weatherability is a major concern to you, but you’re on a budget, a set of aluminum tubing may be the best choice for you.

Aluminum furniture can have sturdy frames or frames made of hollow tubes. The former is stronger and heavier, but the latter is much cheaper.

Cast iron

Cast iron is a very dense metal, so it is exceptionally strong and heavy. Although prices vary, the average cast iron garden furniture is generally cheaper than a steel or aluminum set. The only drawback is that iron itself is not very resistant to corrosion. If you choose iron garden furniture, make sure to find one that is powder coated to prevent water damage and rust.


Steel is more flexible than iron, so steel patio furniture can be made into comfortable shapes more easily than iron furniture. Steel also weighs less than iron, but it is very durable and can be used for a long time and repeatedly. Some steel alloys are prone to rust and corrosion, so opt for a stainless or galvanized steel garden set to prevent rusting.

Look for comfortable seats and cushions

Metal is hardy and strong, but it is not the most comfortable material. To ensure that you and your guests are comfortable and relaxed on your terrace or balcony, you should choose a furniture set with ergonomically shaped chairs and soft cushions. If you think a particular garden set that doesn’t contain cushions looks great, you can always try it without the cushions first to see if you like the set. If you decide afterwards that you still need pillows, you can always purchase them separately.

As with the garden furniture itself, it is important that the cushions you use on your patio or balcony are weatherproof to prevent mildew and mold.

Now that you know the strengths and weaknesses of the different metals, you can make a good and responsible choice when purchasing your metal patio furniture for your garden or balcony. If you want to know more about garden furniture, you can……..????


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