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Frequently asked questions and answers
How do you request a price indication from OX Iron Art?

You can call or email us using the contact details below. Or request a price indication via the contact form. In both cases we will contact you as soon as possible. There are no costs attached to this.

Would you like a suitable personal offer?

To begin with, it is important that we have your contact details so that we can contact you. In addition, the golden rule ‘The more information you can provide to us, the easier it is for us to give good advice’. Think, for example, of drawings, sketches of your existing staircase, photos of the location and situation of the construction project, information about the circumstances and location of installation, any photos and impressions of your wishes. In terms of styling, choice of materials and surface.

How much does a square meter of ironwork cost?

Sometimes a customer cannot say exactly what he needs, but immediately wants to know how much it costs per meter. This is only possible for basic models.

It sounds logical if a fixed average price can be used per square meter. That question cannot be answered clearly immediately because the price for each wrought iron gate, fence, balustrade, garden fence, French balcony depends on the complexity of the design and the materials used and all associated costs.

We are not out to get the highest profit at the expense of your wallet. Our company is proud of its reputation and we will never ask you to order products that do not fit your interior and are unnecessarily expensive.

How is the payment procedure?

At the start of the project you make a deposit of 20% of the provisional total amount. For this purpose, among other things, the technical drawing of your design is made.

Only then can the final and correct price of the design be determined. It is then possible that a price adjustment is made.

You will then receive a trial design of your assignment. After you have approved this, the entire order goes into production. You are requested to pay 70% of the remaining amount for the manufacture of your product.

If you have not approved the test design, we will continue to discuss with you in order to arrive at a satisfactory test design.

Once we have started production, no more changes can be made.

When your product is ready to ship, you pay the next 5%.

If we carry out the installation, you pay the remaining 5% after installation.

The percentages may differ for long-term projects.

Techniques and applications with gold leaf and other materials

There are techniques that give your product an even more luxurious look. Various choices are possible here. For example, wrought ironwork with a golden patina or gold leaf finish in a fashionable or antique-look style.

Many variations are possible! The possibilities are not limited only to paint. Metal can be successfully combined with wood and stone, and with non-ferrous metals – brass, bronze. Or with art or glass, mirrors, stained glass, crystals, semi-precious stones, and maybe even something of your own. The designer’s imagination is limitless, but it is more important to make the artistic design fit well into the interior so that you are satisfied with the end result.

What can you expect from us!

Ox Iron Art has more than 20 years of experience in traditional forging. We have a qualitative, traditional way of forging for both the business and private market. We only work with permanent producers who supply high-quality wrought iron or cast iron from our qualified metal factory.

This collaboration provides a good guarantee on hand-forged metal designs. Our creative designers work closely with artisan blacksmiths. This collaboration has already led to many fantastic designs. Which you can view on the inspiration page of Ox Iron Art .

Would you like to see your own design/design become reality? We like to think along!

Of course you can also contact us for this. We are happy to give appropriate advice in the field of styling and design. We will ensure that your own design and all your wishes are incorporated into the custom wrought iron gate, custom wrought iron staircase or wrought iron French balcony.

The following aspects are considered when calculating the costs:
  • Development of a design and necessary working drawings.
  • The amount of metal, wrought iron, cast iron and, for example, brass and bronze.
  • Anti-corrosion coatings: primers, primer and finishing paints (optionally hot-dip galvanizing).
  • Decorative finish with, for example, enamel, patina, gilding.
  • Used materials and tools (cutting, stripping wheels, electrodes, gas, coal, etc.)
  • Treatment of the metal: shearing, cutting, stretching, rolling, turning, laser cutting.
  • Molds (often used in the manufacture of straight and spiral stairs).
  • The real forging itself (depending on the number and complexity of the forged parts and also the thickness of the metal)
  • Assembly assembly, work cleaning, painting and finishing.
  • Delivery and installation work.

In a personal conversation we would like to explain the entire procedure and explain what else we might need.

Backorder and repair
  • We can deliver at any time.

    Please do not hesitate to ask your contact person at OX Iron Art.

    We only maintain the wrought iron or cast iron supplied by us.

Customized product customization of wrought iron stair railing, balustrade, garden fence or gate within your budget!

If it turns out that after making the technical design and definitively determining the price, your design is more expensive than expected, we will work with you to see what adjustments are possible so that it still falls within your budget. See images below for clarification.

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