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Wrought iron spiral staircase and balustrade “Waterfall”

A wonderful example that Art Deco can look very modest. This artful ironwork in a preserved design brings the freshness of a waterfall into your home. Due to the direction of rotation of the stairs, the wrought iron spiral staircase is not directly connected to the wrought iron balustrade, but the transition fits perfectly, so that safety is guaranteed.

although Art Deco often accompanied by opulent gold leaf, this design shows that it can be done with less. The details are made of brass and subtly processed. Here she accentuates the understated beauty of the overall design.

Of course, this wrought iron spiral staircase is made of heavy quality wrought iron. Within the price range, we paint or coat this handrail in any desired RAL colour. This way you get a stair railing forever.

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