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Wrought Iron Fence ‘Reed Plumes’

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Who doesn’t want something ‘own’? A wrought iron gate that no one else has. We understand that like no other. That is exactly what makes our profession so challenging.

This is an example of a modern fence. Less obvious than a variant on a classic fence and therefore an immediate eye-catcher. This customer did want to include natural and rural elements. The choice fell on the reed plumes. The natural relief has been created to give the wrought iron gate an extra boost. This makes the design very realistic. As if there are actually real reed plumes covered with steel. The finishing touch is achieved with the patina of this relief. Truly a very special fence, these ‘Reed Plumes’.

Technique of the wrought iron gate ‘reed plumes’

This ‘Reed Plumes’ decorative fence is made entirely of forged, solid steel. It is fully galvanized and therefore completely maintenance-free for at least 10 years.

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