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French Balcony Fence ‘Flute’

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French balcony railing Flute. Ah, the ‘Flute’, the world-famous, slender and slender champagne glass. Can you see it in the pattern? It contributes to a beautiful fencing, with a slightly slimmer railing than sisters’ Ginkho ” and Violin ‘. No less impressive, but a bit tighter, slightly simpler and therefore more timeless for some. But yes, timeless is ultimately up to you in the first place. The fact is that with this fence you are making a beautiful, future-proof investment, which any new owner will probably be happy with.

Of course, this French balcony railing is of heavy quality wrought iron and completely recessed. Within the price range, we paint or coat this balustrade in any desired RAL colour. The balustrade stands forever. And for at least the first 10 years you don’t even have to worry about it at all. Do you want us to take care of the maintenance? We love to do it!

Will this be your French balcony fence?
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