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Artistic wrought iron pendant lamp with graceful curls

Being different is what the wrought iron pendant lamp stands for. Choose a style that you need, without worrying about what guests or others think. Delicious isn’t it? If you can and dare, then this wrought iron pendant lamp is a very cool choice. What a beautiful forged wall brackets. The beautiful mounting bolts, included in the design. The small, but clearly present lamp. The way the lamp hangs on the bracket. All equally artistically executed. And whatever your style, this lamp exudes guts and downright class! Cheers!

Ox Iron Art is a specialist in the design and manufacture of this beautiful wrought iron hanging lamp. In any size and any style. We make a design together with you or you supply your sketches or drawings yourself. Maybe you have an architect. We are happy to work with that too. If you want advice, please contact us and we are happy to think along with you.

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