We offer you fabrication wrought iron handmade products for your home or business. Gates, fences, doors, stairway handrails, lantern posts and art objects.

"Ox Iron Art" offers professionally produced forged art. Our handmade products of various types are: gates, fences, railings, banisters, balconies, bars, lanterns, chandeliers, furniture, home furnishings and restoration. Our great experience of carrying out the most complex projects allows us to plan and implement any project in any part of the globe.

Our real forged products are still handmade today and are of extraordinary high quality. It is a unique decoration of the interior and exterior of buildings. Artistic ironwork has great value and is a good investment in your building because of its appearance and durability.

Ironworks in- and outside your building will give it an original and exclusive look and will surely stand out from other buildings. Our driven team with our creative architects and our blacksmiths can develop and produce exclusive unique designs and projects for you. Our decorative metal being real works of art will emphasize not only the beauty of your house, but it will be a worthy decoration of your status.

Our flexible working system allows us to get acquainted with the context of work not only in our office in Holland or in Dubai, but to come to you for a meeting. Based on the situation, we offer you the best way to realize your dreams, by signing a contract for the design and making clear agreements.