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Wrought iron entrance gate ‘Russian Style’

Lush, floral, beauty, robust yet graceful wrought iron entrance gate. These wishes were the starting point for this design. The owner of this outdoor villa not only wanted to be safe, but also wanted the beauty of the plot behind the fence to get an extra dimension. And we have succeeded, dare we say.

Forging and bricklaying

The seriously impressive gate consists of solid forging, combined with sleek masonry and stucco. The wide revolving doors of the large gate are attached to masonry pillars. There is a wicket door on both sides. Next to these doors, the masonry takes over the boundary again.

The details of the wrought iron entrance gate

We have made all the decorative elements by hand. Forged by hand and made of bronze. With real, traditional techniques. It is a true art to make ornate hinges and suspensions for the doors, which can also support the heavy weight of such doors. We have that experience.

You can also see those details in the lamps. Because these are an integral part of the Russian Style wrought iron entrance gate, we have specially designed them. They are then made entirely by hand and are therefore unique.

Unity, elegance and strength

Also look at the beautiful lamps between the gate and the wicket door. The floral style fits seamlessly with that of the gate itself. If you take a few steps back, you will see how powerful the whole thing is. How safe. And the total harmony of all parts has resulted in a true textbook example of elegance.

Price indication

Interested in the ‘Russian Style’ ornamental gate? Contact us and request a no-obligation quote. This wrought iron entrance gate has a width of 8 meters and is 3 meters high. It weighs a few tons and is equipped with automatic remote control and of course linked to the security installation including camera observation.

Is this design of this wrought iron sliding gate or entrance gate also something for you?

Then come and talk with us. After all, countless variations are possible on this theme.




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