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Wrought iron entrance gate ‘Renaissance’

The rebirth. Because that’s what it means. The Renaissanceists believed that the time in which they lived was a rebirth after the Dark Ages. In this period people were strongly oriented towards classical antiquity. Art became more precise and refined. And a wrought iron sliding gate that would radiate this era was exactly what the owner of this lot had in mind.

The starting points for the gate

The client had a number of ideas that we worked out together into a technical design and drawings. Of course everything is made entirely by hand. The photos clearly show that the choice for the Renaissance look fits perfectly with the special characteristics of the house. Also pay attention to the lamps. They are specially designed so that they form a beautiful whole with the gate and fencing. Of course we also made them by hand. The generous space between the house and the gate allows the opulent execution to emerge perfectly. It is a wrought iron entrance gate that is present, a gate that can be seen.

Technique of this wrought iron entrance gate

High plates of solid forging have been used for the refined-looking overall. Beautiful rosettes have been placed on this. The plates are combined with solid rods, which always form a whole two by two. An ornamental element is arranged between the two bars in each case. The cast elements are made of bronze and specially made for this project. The bronze housing is also made by hand. The decorations at the top of the fence are also special. Elements that add value to the beauty of this gate. Also look at the heavy hinges, which are mounted on and in the masonry. Sturdy, graceful, handmade and matching the design.

Price indication

A special gateway. A luxurious and impressive result. In this version it weighs several tons and is 6 meters wide and 4 meters high. Perhaps this Gateway Renaissance is the basis you are looking for. Of course you want to know what price to think of, please contact us and request a no-obligation quote.

Is this design something for you too?

Then come and talk . After all, countless variations are possible on this theme.




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