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Wrought iron entrance gate ‘Modern’

We are going to Belgium. Country of Burgundian lifestyle and many beautiful villas, manors and castles. The owner of this beautiful country house had a very specific and unique idea of the ultimate wrought iron entrance gate in mind. He had made a few sketches of this himself and shared it with us. Together we have worked out his vision in technical drawings. Almost without having to disturb his image. The entrance gate is a great entrance to a spacious garden and gives a lot of extra cachet to the beautiful house.

The techniques

Modern styling is not defined. It is what you think it should be for you. That’s what makes it so fascinating. It is a largely untrodden path. For this gate, unequal plates of solid forging are combined with partly turned solid bars. The burglar-resistant points on the gate and fencing show that security can also be achieved artfully. Just look at how special these are designed. Along the top you see a strip of frivolous ironwork, exactly as the customer wanted. Also note the sturdy, heavy, handmade hinges and the way in which they are mounted in the pillars.

Aesthetics and Ease of Use of a wrought iron sliding gate or entrance gate

Like most larger custom wrought iron entrance gates, a wicket door was also chosen here. The gate itself is fully automated and can be operated remotely. Safety sensors to prevent premature closing are of course present. The lamps at the wrought-iron entrance gate Modern are also special. They have Asian influences in the design. We’ve made them all by hand to match the gate beautifully. This of course also makes them unique.

This project has a special place in our hearts. It started with the pure fantasy of our customer, to which we were able to deliver a perfect interpretation, with perhaps a small wink to Gaudi.

Price indication

A special wrought iron entrance gate. A luxurious and impressive result. Perhaps this design is the basis you are looking for. Of course you want to know what price to think of, please contact us and request a quote.

Is this design something for you too?

Then come and talk with us. After all, countless variations are possible on this theme.




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