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OX Iron Art was called in to replace a balcony railing.

The balustrade, which ran the full width of the house, consisted of a wooden railing of simple flat battens and supporting pillars peeling from the weather and poor maintenance.

The fence had to be made safe again and also have a nicer appearance.

Our customer wanted balcony glazing that would protect him from the wind. And the customer also wanted a gate that he can open but that is not immediately visible as a gate. We made a balcony fence for this customer from iron, with panels made of milky white triplex glass between the supporting pillars. The iron elements are hot-dip galvanized and thus protected against corrosion.

As a result, there is light on the balcony, but there is no unwanted view and no wind.

The sleek design fits well with the straight lines of this old house. Due to the material used and its processing, hardly any maintenance is required.



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