Wrought Iron Gates

Entrance gates provide security at home, office or in a private park. A gate is often a continuation of a fence, but also an independent entrance group.

Gates can decorate any house or bridge. The composition of an entrance gate with your house and with the surrounding architectural objects is important. We will provide you with a professional advice, as well as an advice on the foundation, which is important to ensure a stable balance of both parts.

Forged gates do not require frequent maintenance. Our iron undergoes anticorrosive treatment. We take into account the expansion of metal at different temperatures. Our engineers carefully compute the safety of heavy constructions. The products are covered with hot zinc, primed and coated with special paints for metal. Material is finished with a desired colour. The high quality of the company's product guarantees you a long service of forged products. Forged gate serves 50 to 100 years and more, good care provided. Take for example the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Depending on the needs of the customer, gates can be of different designs:

Rolling (sliding), hinged.

Both types of gates can be automatic. This allows to open and to close the gate at a distance without much effort, using remote control. Our specialists will offer you the best automation. We are working with the first-class equipment. The choice depends on convenience and desired degree of safety, from a simple pushbutton switch to a fully automated. We have reliable locks, good for every gate.

Choice of materials is also important in the manufacture of a gate. The following materials are often used: metal, wood, marble, copper, bronze, brass, gilding and so on. Most people prefer metal. Entrance gates can be embedded in columns of iron or masonry made of stone, they can also be equipped with mailboxes and electronic accessories, such as drive systems, intercom and cameras.

Forged gates can be decorated with the following forging elements:

Family Emblem

Company`s logo



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