Wrought iron entry doors

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The entrance to your home or building is important. It is the tasty element and if the design is good, the first impression is immediately right.

The only thing that surprises us is the beauty of the design. It can only be a front door, but also a complete front, a porch, an overhang, or even a conservatory.

Anyway, a wrought-iron door in combination with wood in a beautiful frame is more than a door. It is an entrance. The glass that may be used in our doors is HR ISO glass (high efficiency double glazing). This glass consists of 2 glass layers with a coating and filled with gas in between.

The coating ensures that the heat radiation from the house remains inside in the winter. In the winter the heat radiation from the sun is transmitted and in the summer it is stopped. The coating is virtually invisible. The finishing touch for the design is the continuation of the design in the small parts.

The design can be refined in the door and window fittings and the locks. Especially the large locks in the gate and front door can be a reinforcement of the feeling of security. The locks all have a certification and can possibly be operated remotely and provided with code.


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