About Us

We are OX Iron Art, a Dutch company, specialized in metal processing, such as forging or casting or decorative processing.
OX Iron Art designs, manufactures, supplies and installs various products of wrought iron, cast iron and stainless steel (SS), both for the private and business market, in and outside the Netherlands.
The product range consists of entrance gates, fences, balcony fences, banisters, balustrades, wall lanterns, lampposts, outdoor lighting, water columns and fountains, garden bridges, chain posts, garden furniture, garden lounge sets, garden benches and park benches.
OX Iron Art supplies wrought iron gates, fences, banisters and balustrades in basic model or in the form of customization. In the latter case, the basic model or your own design will be adapted to your wishes and requirements, or the wrought iron, fence, staircase or gate will be made in close cooperation according to your design and wishes.
The lanterns, water columns, chain posts, cast iron garden lighting from OX Iron Art, including the basic models, are not thirteen in a dozen products, and radiate their own character and remain unique. The products are manufactured in a sustainable process and last a lifetime.

About OX Iron Art

For the design, the technical drawings and the further development and finishing, OX Iron Art has good partnerships with leading (metal) companies in the Netherlands and craftsmen who are experts in forging and casting and the techniques needed to achieve a high-quality end result. to deliver.
The forging and casting work takes place in the Ukraine or Russia, by blacksmiths who master the craftsmanship.
The selection of professionals and companies with whom OX Iron Art collaborates takes place from the Netherlands, according to European regulations and laws and regulations.


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