Wrought iron and cast iron lanterns and lampposts from Ox Iron Art

Wrought iron and cast iron lanterns and lampposts. The basic models of outdoor lamps are available in all lengths with a height from 570 cm and with 1 lamp and you can order garden lanterns higher than 4 meters with 1 to 5 outdoor lamps.

We have an extensive range of outdoor lighting and lanterns for the wall and in the garden. We also supply lamps for the pillars of your gate, possibly in one style. Wrought iron lanterns also in different models or according to your design. Ox Iron Art supplies high quality and a long-term warranty on metal.

In our showroom in Koudekerk ad Rijn, the Netherlands, you can – by appointment – see some garden lanterns, outdoor lamps, wall lanterns and half lanterns.

Basic models

Custom models