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One of our customers had seen a corner bench for the garden in a garden center. The sofa was about the model he was looking for, but it was very low and not of particularly high quality.

Looking for alternatives, he came across Ox Iron Art. Our client showed us the bank he had seen and indicated what his wishes were. The bench had to withstand the Dutch climate, all season, sturdy, not ready for demolition after a few years, and higher on the legs.

Together with this customer, Ox Iron Art came up with a combination of two generous 3-meter benches that you can place in a corner arrangement. The sofa has an ideal height of 51 cm for this customer. The backrest is adjustable and can also be removed in its entirety.

The benches, and the adjoining table, are made of a combination of the almost indestructible and maintenance-free stainless steel and thermo wood, which, unlike normal wood, does not work during weather changes.

The seat and back cushions are filled with a special foam that has an unprecedented strong and long-lasting resilience. The cushions, in the same color as the stainless steel, are rain-resistant. Because of their weight of 150 kg they will not blow away quickly even in a storm.

The customer was happy that in a very good cooperation with the supplier he could get his wishes translated into a product that was ultimately ideal for him.

Ox Iron Art is happy that it can deliver a beautiful and strong product with a long lifespan to a satisfied customer.
This sofa is also available for you in the ideal version and sizes for you. Do not hesitate and request a free quote with corresponding price quote.

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