Garden / Park bench

A garden bench is an important part of a landscape design. One or more garden benches make the garden even more comfortable and attractive; a sofa offers relaxation and invites to conversations. In warm weather you can drink cool lemonade on the garden bench, read a book or just relax, laze around.

Garden benches are not only comfortable and functional, but also beautify your home and garden.

What material are our sofas made of?

They are made of wood, stone, wrought iron, cast iron in the classic version and in modern plastic and synthetic fibers. Sometimes there is a combination of different materials – stone and iron, wood and cast iron, forged steel and wood.

Wooden, wrought iron and cast iron garden benches are suitable for the classical style of the garden.

The most used type of wood is teak, because of its moisture resistance. Use a soft brush and treat with teak oil to remove gray paste from the teak furniture.

Where do you put the garden bench?

Place a bench in front of the house or on the porch: a proof of hospitality.

Place another garden bench in a secluded and quiet place in the garden. If the family is large or if you often receive many guests in the garden, you need a long park bench or several benches to offer all guests and family members the desired comfort.

Garden benches come in a wide range of shapes that you choose according to your taste. If the garden has a large spreading tree, you can make a round bench around it. Or put garden benches around a beautiful flower bed or fountain. Such benches offer many people a seat and do not take up much space.

The garden bench in the garden is a kind of open space, a corner for relaxation and a pleasant pastime. When people sit together and look at one landscape, their thoughts and feelings go in the same direction, and this contributes to lively conversations, deepening of friendships or a new friendship.