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Wrought iron balcony fences custom made from Ox Iron Art

In addition to your house or garden door, your balcony is the most important connection to the outside. A balcony enlarges your living space and creates an (extra) outdoor space at your apartment or house, where you can enjoy the view of (extra) greenery. A place to enjoy your peace, or a place that you use to be active: cooking in the open air and enjoying delicious snacks together with family or friends.

A balcony can function as an escape route. We can supply and implement any required spiral staircase in the same design as the balcony railing. Planters can be integrated into the design by us. Your fence enriches, secures and beautifies your property. A beautiful balustrade will undoubtedly add value to your home.

OX Iron Art supplies balcony railings in various designs, made to measure, perfectly matching the number of meters required, with an even distribution of the motifs, in a harmonious whole. We supply fencing in all shapes and sizes. And in any desired design. Such as modern, classic, baroque, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Jugendstil or Amsterdam school.

Quality, versatility – ingredients for functional and unique fencing.

Our wrought iron fencing is of the highest quality. We deliver throughout the Netherlands. We have many years of experience in metalworking. Many people prefer wrought iron. We also have experience with aluminum or stainless steel. And work with bronze and brass. We can gild some parts for you. It is possible to affix your family crest or company logo. In short, we have the right solution for each of your needs.

OX Iron Art can realize any design, not only in wrought iron, but also, for example, in Corten steel. In this way you can become the proud owner of a beautiful unique fence that you put together and develop together with us. If your plot also lends itself to an entrance gate, we can also supply it to you. We ensure that the style and design of the fence and gate connect seamlessly and beautifully. Look for examples on our site, for example under Wrought iron fences made to measure. Any design possible. (

We also supply garden furniture and garden lighting, also in the same style.

Make a choice

Do you want to visually enlarge an existing balcony? Then this can be done, for example, through a fence with a bulge in it.

Do you have a flat roof that can be walked on? Then you can have a sturdy and attractive fence installed around it, which makes your roof an extra place where you can enjoy yourself.

On our site you will find a number of examples of fencing in different designs. If you find something nice with this, we will work it out with you, in the right dimensions, in accordance with the characteristics of your location and in accordance with your budget.

OX Iron Art supplies solid fencing that is beautiful to see and well suited for the purpose indicated by you. If desired, we advise you in your choice. We will support you in determining the sizes.

Metalworking and maintenance

The wrought iron fence is sandblasted, hot dip galvanized and then painted or coated in any desired RAL color. By immersing each part in a hot zinc bath, we apply a thick layer of zinc. The outside is therefore completely and permanently provided with a protective zinc layer. The inside of hollow parts is automatically galvanized in this way. This process protects the fencing well against corrosion. The lifespan is thus considerably extended. Maintenance is therefore limited to the minimum. Hot galvanizing and coating is included in the price.


– Permits

(municipal) regulations Obviously, the balcony and railing must comply with legal regulations and local (municipal) requirements and any necessary permits must be applied for and obtained by you. For example, the minimum height of the balustrade or balcony railing is laid down by law, and there are also rules for the distance between the bars of your balustrade or fence. You will need to be well informed about these regulations and requirements. You can obtain information from your local municipality about the regulations.

– Building structures

If a structural construction is required, we can do this with the involvement of and by a construction organization / contractor selected by you. In that case, we will work together with that party.

Cost of balcony railing – price indication; quotation

The costs of a French balcony or other balcony railing are in principle between € 1,500 and € 10,000. Or more if it is a complex story. The costs depend on many things, such as the following points:

– is it a replacement of existing fencing? – what are the (desired) sizes?

– is it a French balcony that is placed in front of an existing door?

– does the (inner) wall have to be sawn and is the wall made of concrete or stone and is a supporting construction necessary?

– does the balcony and its placement have an effect on the housing of the downstairs neighbors (in the case of apartments)?

– how big is the balcony and balcony railing?

– will the balcony railing be a simple design or a more complex / luxurious design?

– is the shape of the balcony railing straight or curved? Does the fence come flat against the wall. Or does it have a projection of 30 cm. Is a bulge in the fence desired or not?

– should a canopy be installed above the balcony?

If you send us the answers to these questions plus any additional information that helps us to gain a good understanding of your wishes, we will give you an initial price indication within 5 working days.

Would you like to take a look?

You are always welcome by appointment in our storage space / showroom in Koudekerk a / d Rijn. There you will find examples of our fencing, outdoor lighting and water columns for the garden. There you can see, feel and experience its quality and appearance Contact Us | OX IRON ART (