About Ox Iron Art

Ox Iron Art fulfil orders based on individual sketches of our customers. We work in various styles: art, classical, baroque, Jugendstil or Amsterdam school. Any style is feasible for our blacksmiths. You see our own design performed by us for the customer and for our company.

Forged gates show the taste of the owner of the building. Forging metal has been done since the 4th century BC and is a leading presence in every culture. Forged gates and fences guarantee quality and durability because there is no effect on heat and cold. In addition, it provides a safe feeling to be protected by a robust demarcation of your terrain.

Not all the forgings have the same quality. Our professionals make your wishes very accurately visible in the jewellery that protects your building. In our workplaces we forge iron, aluminium, or bronze according to the client’s preference. Every imaginable design is possible for both inside and outside. Ox Iron Art offers nostalgic and modern high-quality forgings. Wrought iron creates a spatial effect and has appeal. It reinforces the appearance of the space. This is reinforced by using the ironwork in various parts of the building.

The way Ox Iron Art works is customer friendly, reliable and cost effective.


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