Questions and answers

1.  How to apply for a price quote at OX Iron Art

You can call or email us via the following contact details or ask your fares via our contact form. In both cases, we will as soon as possible contact you.


2. We would like to get advice on the design of our product. Does Ox Iron Art offer advice?

Of course you can also contact us for appropriate advice in styling and design. We will ensure that all your needs are incorporated into the advice and design.


3. What information needs Ox Iron Art necessary to make an appropriate offer for us?

To begin, it is important that we have your contact details so we can contact you on. In addition, the golden rule, the more information you can give us, the easier we can give good advice. Think of drawings, sketches of the product, information about the circumstances and location of installation, possible photos and impressions of your wishes. In terms of styling, material and surface.


4. In calculating the cost, the following topics for discussion:

  1. Development of a design and working drawings required.
  2. The amount of metal, ductile iron, cast iron or, for example, brass and bronze.
  3. Anti-corrosion coatings: primers, primer and finish paint (optional hot-dip galvanizing).
  4. Decorative finishes, for example enamel, patina, gilding.
  5. Consumed materials and tools (cutting, stripping wheels, electrodes, gas, coal, etc.)
  6. Treatment of metal: cutting, cutting, stretching, rolling, turning, laser cutting.
  7. Molds (commonly used in the manufacture of straight and spiral staircase).
  8. The real forging itself (depending on the number and the complexity of the forged parts and also the thickness of the metal)
  9. Assembly / assembly, cleaning work, dyeing, finishing.
  10. Delivery and installation.

Alternatively we can explain in person what we would possibly have more.


5. How much does a square meter ironwork costs?

Sometimes a customer can not say exactly what he needed, but would immediately know how much it costs per meter. Logically it would be if there is a fixed average value to be applied per square meter. That question can not be answered immediately because the price for each design depends on the complexity of the design and the materials used and all additional costs. We won’t ask the highest profit out of your wallet. Our company is proud on its reputation and we will never ask you to buy products that do not fit into your home, and are also too expensive to buy. An experienced artist will try to stop you to make unnecessary frills, and create unnecessary costs.


6. Is it possible after a purchase to order extra in a later stadium, and if there is damage on a priduct after several years can Ox fix it then.

We are able to supply after delivery , adapters or pieces of fencing. We also can bring old pieces in perfect condition and give them back their lost glory, and make repairs on the spot. Do not hesitate to ask your contactperson at OX Iron Art.


7. What is the payment procedure?

At the start of the project can be charged 20% of the budget in advance for creating the final design and working drawings, and to carry out the measurements. We also make immediately after approval of the design work an example piece for you of the final result. Then we will start production. Depending on the type of work you pay 50% of the budget for the manufacture of products – If the goods are ready for shipment you pay 20% of the budget and you have the opportunity to see the products before shipping. If we do not perform the installation ourself, this percentage directly will be the last 30%. After installation by our people you will pay the remaining 10%. In long-term projects can the percentages can be different.


8. How are products in OxIron Art treated against corrosion and / or are embellished?

All parts are painted to be pre-treated carefully with corrosion resistant zinc-rich primers followed by heated drying. Then comes the finishing paint – acrylic. Standard colors – black, light gray, brown. You can choose among different colors from a standard solid color from the RAL range or for a luxurious finish. This finish consists of a gold, silver, antique bronze or copper color. This means that the art of the application of a patina is applied. If you want a greater resistance to be applied against corrosion on the products (mainly products in the open air), we will thermally zinc the products. The final product is immersed in a bath of zinc  ot at a temperature of 450 degrees. After the zinking of the product it is cleaned of solidified zinc and polished. A primer is applied to the galvanized surfaces. Then the wet paint treatment of choice will take place. Lacquered items are packed after drying in foil to prevent damage during transport.


9. Is gold also an option, as are other embellishments?

Of course there are techniques that will show a nicer decoration. For example, impressive looking white ironwork with a golden patina and possibly leafgold. As well as the forging of a black patina. Beautiful, stylish, antique look. There are so many possible variations. The possibilities are not limited to paint. Metal combined with wood and stone, and with non-ferrous metals – brass, bronze. Or art or glass, mirrors, stained glass, crystals, gemstones, and maybe even something of yourself. The artist’s imagination is boundless, but more important is to get an artistic design to fit in the interior and the owner is happy with what he sees.



10. What are the graduation requirements of OX

– Expensive


– Less expensive




11. What can you expect from us!

You will receive the product of our company, without the intervention of other intermediaries. There are no additional costs afterwards. We have experience with artistic old forge in the market, working for over 20 years with these products.We work with our own production and professional artists. We design and manufacture our own designs only. Our contract provides a good warranty on the product.