Advantages of our products

  1. Full production cycle (from sketch-visualization to monitor the installation of the final product)
  2. Exclusive models of forged products.
  3. Opportunities for special customer requirements
  4. Free consultation at the location of the desired product.
  5. Free consultations in preparation for the installation.
  6. Completely hand made product.
  7. Very high level of education of the blacksmith with many foreign experience
  8. All products are sandblasted for painting
  9. Rapid production of the order
  10. Various techniques of high-quality paint
  11. Some products are treated with powder coating
  12. Products are completely cold galvanized
  13. Special paint technique with WF-Plast (a German top product)
  14. Use of zinc-containing primers
  15. We can decorate your entire home with our products, both inside and outside
  16. The strength and durability of our products is unmatched
  17. Our products are unique and very artistic
  18. Unusual combination of materials. Wrought with glass in lead, copper, brass, bronze, wood and stone